Open Letters For The Better

…And Worse

Dear Donald Trump

There was a time, not long ago I thought I might actually vote for you. I felt so betrayed by the democratic party that I too, wanted to stick it to 'em and I mean... how bad can you really be?... Continue Reading →


Dear Boxed Wine

Dear Boxed Wine, Thank you for allowing the security of not running out. Thank you for being cheap. Thank you for being there after a rough day. Thank you for making my cheeks warm. Thank you for being a real... Continue Reading →

Dear Writer’s Block

It's not you, it's me. Is that how these things are supposed to start? Unfortunately, for me, I've come to the rotten realization that it's impossible to rid you from my life forever. You'll always find a way to creep... Continue Reading →

Dear Crazy Driver

Dear Crazy Driver, I know I do not own a massive expensive SUV such as yours, but I know if I did – I’d be concerned with its well being.  It’s apparent you certainly do not care about my not... Continue Reading →

Dear Mother at Kwik Trip

I was waiting to check out with a few items and noticed you and your daughter walk in. Your daughter asked with excitement, "MOM!! CAN I GET ANOTHER EGG ROLL!?"  To which you replied, "Yeah, because that is just what you... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To My Son

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. -R. Munsch Dear Bennett, The first year I was scared crapless, you were not. So much crap, more crap than I ever thought humanly possible.... Continue Reading →

Dear Britt McHenry

[written: 4/17/2015] Getting your car towed while you’re at dinner, possibly unjustifiably, has to be frustrating and that’d certainly make me unhappy, too.  Obviously, that disgusting place was not up to the standards that you, someone who is on television... Continue Reading →

Dear Size 10 Dress

Dear Size 10 Dress, I just received notification you've been delivered and you're sitting patiently on my front stoop, in a box. I hope you had nice travels and you're in good spirits because I might have some unpleasant things to say... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter From A Waitress

Dear Diners, We want you to have a good time when you come out for a meal. That’s our goal; it makes your life easier, it makes our life easier and that is why you are coming out to eat...... Continue Reading →

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